7 Questions to Answer in a First Meeting with a Financial Advisor

Many clients searching for a financial advisor aren’t certain what should be reviewed and discussed at their first meeting.  The approach taken by financial advisors varies widely and is not always well structured. The main goal is for you and the prospective advisor to determine if there’s a good fit for working with each other now and well into the future. 

Answering the following seven questions should go a long way toward determining if the prospective advisor is the right person to help you achieve your financial vision:

Do I have enough for retirement?

“Do I have enough?” is one of the most common questions asked as clients think about taking the leap into retirement.  Behind it is the fear that they won’t have enough money to enjoy the kind of lifestyle they dream of – or worse yet, that they will run out of money in their old age and have to depend on family or others to help make ends meet. Rules of thumb abound – such as the idea that in retirement you can live on 70% or 80% of what you spent while working.