How to Retire to a Fulfilling, Purpose-Driven Life

It is very common, after a lifetime of hectic schedules and work pressures, to wonder how you will live without deadlines and commitments. Most about-to-retire people have these same worries.

During our working years, there is a natural rhythm to our day. We get up at the same time, go to the same place, see the same people and then come home at the end of the day. It is wise to remember that as things change for the retiree, they are changing for the partner as well. Many interesting books have explored this topic and we have found one to be particularly helpful – “For Better or Worse…but Not for Lunch” by Sara Yogev.

As retirement draws near, it is important to have open and honest conversations with your partner about what you want to do during this next phase. Set some goals for yourself in retirement. As you focus on achieving those goals, structure will begin to shape your day and that can benefit both of you.

Look at retirement as the next chapter in your life – a time to do the things you always wished you had the time to do.  Let your imagination guide you to something new!