Wealth Management

Working with a team that redefines wealth management

Ask 10 investors to define wealth management. Actually, ask 10 “wealth managers” to do so. You will almost certainly get 10 different answers, with most heavily focused on investing. As a client of Atlanta Financial, however, you benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management.

Wealth Management Schema

We define wealth management as a formula: WM = IC + AP + RM. IC stands for investment consulting, astutely managing investments over time to help you achieve your financial goals.

Next is advanced planning, or AP. Advanced planning goes beyond investments to look at all the other aspects that are important to your financial life. We break it down into four parts mentioned above: wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable giving. In our experience, very few financial advisors offer these services.

The final element is relationship management. As wealth managers, we are focused on building relationships with three groups. The first and most obvious group is our clients. To meet their needs effectively, we have to have solid, trusting relationships with them. Next, we manage a network of financial professionals. These are specialists we can call in to make recommendations on specific advanced planning needs. And last, we work with our clients’ other professional advisors, such as their attorneys and accountants.

Atlanta Financial's Total Wealth Management Approach

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