Atlanta Financial Presents “State of the Markets” Call
February 27, 2017
12 pm to 1 pm

The financial world is incredibly complex — and, these days, we're all bombarded with dramatic headlines and contrasting opinions. This webinar is designed to educate you about some of the factors we, and expert financial analysts, are watching. 

In lieu of our written market report, we are providing an opportunity for you to hear us discuss the markets first-hand. We will cover the following topics and have a Q&A live on the call:

  • What happened in 2016? 
  • What factors affected the markets?
  • What's on the horizon? 
  • What do financial experts forecast for 2017?

To listen to a recording of the webinar, click here.

Planning in an Uncertain Era:
An Action Plan for Physicians

Physicians today face a myriad of uncertainties that will affect their practices and livelihoods. The goal of this webinar is to develop an action plan that is tailored to your own unique situation that minimizes the impact of the uncontrollable factors you face and focuses on what you do control.

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