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Atlanta Financial is in the News!

Atlanta Financial is in the News!
February 5, 2021

Recently, Atlanta Financial co-founders Julie Andrews and Cathy Miller were interviewed by Financial Planning magazine regarding the firm’s recent merger with Mercer Global Advisors. We thought you might be interested in a few excerpts from the article:

“Nearly 30 years after two financial advisors started their practice with a couple of telephones and Rolodexes, they sold it to one of the largest private equity-backed RIA acquirers…

Julianne Andrews and Cathy Miller of Atlanta Financial Associates have “not a few but many clients who were with us” when they launched in 1992, Andrews noted in an interview with the co-founders. On Jan. 7, Mercer Advisors announced it had acquired Atlanta Financial, which now has a 13-member advisor team and $815 million in assets under management…

Andrews and Miller say the choice of Mercer capped about a year of work… (and) will ‘fast forward the development of the firm by a decade or more,’ according to Miller…The business has gotten so much more complex,’ she says. ‘At this stage in our career, we wanted to get back into what got us into the business in the first place, which is working with clients.’…

‘Nothing is going away,” Andrews says. ‘We’re adding capabilities, we’re adding services, we’re adding all kinds of career paths for our staff.’…

The two founders of Atlanta Financial adopted fee-based services in the early 2000s before it was common to do so in the industry. Andrews recalls that it was also ‘a little bit unusual to have a women-founded’ wealth management firm in 1992…

‘This move to Mercer is our recognition that clients want a more comprehensive service,’ Miller says. ‘We think this really positions us to compete locally really well and gives us the platform to take us through the next few decades.’ 

– Financial Planning magazine, Jan. 13, 2021, by Tobias Salinger

Mercer Global Advisors Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and delivers all investment-related services. Mercer Advisors Inc. is the parent company of Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and is not involved with investment services. Mercer Global Advisors Inc. owns and utilizes the Atlanta Financial Associates wordmark and logo in marketing its investment advisory and ancillary services.

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