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Planning for Attorneys

Atlanta Financial specializes in serving the unique needs of attorneys. The attorneys we work with are highly compensated and incredibly intelligent, but often do not have the time to focus fully on their own financial situation.

Our AttorneyFIT™ Process is designed exclusively for the needs of attorneys. We work to impact all areas of an attorney’s financial life through planning, investing, and overall wealth building and management. We examine their compensation package for opportunities and design strategies for maximizing compensation, minimizing taxes, saving for retirement and budgeting.

Understanding the time constraints and demands of an attorney’s work, we are sophisticated in our solutions yet direct and to the point, always acting with the understanding of how valuable time is to an attorney. And, unlike many other financial advisors, we appreciate the fact that our attorney clients have high expectations and desire the same kind of precision they are required to deliver to their clients.

Find Your AttorneyFIT™

AttorneyFIT MazeOur AttorneyFIT™ process helps answer tough questions including:

• How can I maximize compensation, retirement benefits, and incentives?

• What retirement plan makes the most sense for me – and for my employees?

• How can I minimize taxes – as a professional and/or business owner?

• How can I tackle law school debt while saving for financial goals?

• How can I plan for business continuity and my own succession? What cash flow strategies work best when most of my compensation is paid quarterly and/or annually?

• How can I best protect my family (and income) if I can no longer work or pass away?

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Rick Henderson brings over 30 years of combined tax and financial planning experience to his clients, their families and their businesses. Beginning with his very first job as a neighborhood paperboy, Rick has learned the importance of well-planned finances and the independence, security and peace of mind that brings.

After graduating from Furman University, Rick began his career with a prominent worldwide accounting firm where he earned his CPA, and then continued his career as a tax CPA with a leading Georgia – based firm.  While at the second firm, Rick began working closely with the types of clients – business owners, professionals, and executives – that now make up the majority of his clientele. 

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Chris was drawn to the financial planning business because he enjoys helping people make better financial decisions. Financial stress and uncertainty are some of the biggest causes of anxiety for individuals, within marriages and for small business owners. Chris believes much of this worry is unnecessary and can be alleviated through partnering with a trusted financial professional. While Chris loves doing market research and seeing clients’ investment accounts grow over time, the most rewarding part of his job is when he sees comfort on a clients’ face after a discussion. Knowing they are leaving with a better understanding of where they are and what they need to do to reach their goals is very satisfying for him. Chris is encouraged when these discussions lead to actions that can help relieve the financial worry so many investors experience.

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Wealth Manager
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Michelle joined the Atlanta Financial family in July 2018 as a Wealth Manager bringing with her a background as an estate planning and elder law attorney.

Michelle’s desire to work with individuals and families seeking financial guidance comes from a very personal place. In her last year of law school, her mom passed away unexpectedly. Michelle was faced with resolving her mom’s complex estate while balancing the inherent difficulties of a blended family.

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