Author: Rick Henderson, CPA, CFP®, AIF®

Consolidating Company Retirement Plans

For most people, I believe consolidating your various company retirement plans and IRA’s into a single IRA is the best route to go for a number of reasons 1,2,4:

It is generally easier to manage the investments for one account than several
Administrative ease regarding things like changes in address, beneficiary changes, etc.
You will get fewer statements

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Building a Housing Plan for Retirement

For many, retirement is the result of a lifetime of work and years of saving and planning. It is a time where you can start doing all those things on your “Bucket List,” and may include things like travel; spending more time on activities like golf, tennis, or fishing; volunteering; pursuing those interests that you never had time for while you were working; and spending more time with family.

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What Should I Do About My Pension?

If you are able to ask this question, consider yourself fortunate. Many, if not most retirees today do not have a company pension, and for them, the only guaranteed lifetime income stream they have is Social Security.

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