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Charles Crowley Celebrates 10 Years at AFA

July 13, 2020

This month at Atlanta Financial we are recognizing a very important work anniversary for one of our team members, Charles Crowley, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary with the firm.  

Before joining AFA as a Wealth Manager, Charles graduated from UGA’s highly ranked financial planning program and began his career with a financial planning firm in Athens.  Over his 10-year career at AFA, it has truly been a privilege to see how Charles has grown and developed through a variety of roles. He has provided invaluable support to Principal Cathy Miller, been a strong mentor to and leader among his peers, become a trusted advisor to clients and most importantly, been an active and positive representative of AFA’s values in his community. As recognition for his leadership and positive impact on the firm and his community, in 2019 he was awarded the first annual AFA Core Values Award. 

​​Please join us in congratulating Charles on his journey thus far – we know we will be seeing even greater accomplishments from him in the years to come!

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