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COVID-19 and the State of the US Markets, Economy

“COVID-19 & the State of US Markets, Economy” FIT™ Perspectives Podcast

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March 23, 2020

Considering everything going on, we want to share with you a recent podcast episode our team recorded to provide insight on the virus, the financial markets, and US economy now and moving forward.

Here you can listen to the FIT™ Perspectives Podcast, episode 16 entitled “COVID-19 and the State of the US Markets, Economy.” Again, our goal is to provide as much information and perspective as possible to help guide and encourage everyone during this period of extreme volatility.

We understand very well that this is a very challenging time and it can be painful to experience. Do rest assured, however, that our entire Atlanta Financial team is monitoring things very closely and will continue to communicate with you regularly on our thoughts and outlook.

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