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Weathering the COVID-19 Fallout

FIT™ Perspectives Latest Podcast Episode: Weathering the COVID-19 Fallout

May 12, 2020

Nearly two months after “social distancing” and a life in quarantine began, we all are adjusting to new routines and new norms of precaution. Financially, more and more people are wondering what can be done to ensure their families will be ok on the other side of this pandemic.

In our latest episode, the FIT™ Perspectives team explores three key areas to focus on when it comes to weathering the virus fallout financially in addition to providing an update on the US financial markets and economy. Be sure to listen to it on Apple Podcasts and bookmark our FIT™ Perspectives page for future episodes!

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COVID-19 & Tax Season: The IRS Has Extended The 2021 Tax Filing Deadline

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