A podcast designed to ensure that as life changes, your wealth does too.

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About FIT™ Perspectives

The FIT™ Perspectives Podcast was born out of a fiduciary mission to empower listeners to make the best possible decisions with their money throughout their lives no matter their age or financial status. The task of the FIT™ Perspectives team on each episode is simple – inform, instruct, and impact. We want our message to be one that is consistent, educational, easily digestible, and built upon the core principles represented in our proprietary FIT™ system.

We aim for our content to:

  • Cover topics concerning current financial trends and economic events
  • Be applicable to people across all stages of life and wealth, and
  • Serve as a platform affording listeners the ability to ask questions and further connect with our team of financial professionals

Join in with our team as we cover a myriad of themes spanning from the most elementary concepts of money management and personal finance to some of the most advanced financial planning strategies and techniques, all the while applying the FITprocess to meet our listeners exactly where they are in hopes of reaching financial independence together.


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