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Planning for Federal Employees

With one of the most complex benefits systems in the United States, we know retirement planning for federal employees is unique, so we treat each individual’s situation just as uniquely as the benefits offered to them.

At Atlanta Financial we like to start planning years before your separation from service because we believe being proactive about your future helps ensure you will have the resources you need for an enjoyable retirement. We are here to strategize based on YOUR goals, while ultimately protecting your financial future. Our process, GovtFIT™, is designed to help current and former federal government employees navigate through the complexities of their employee and retirement benefits.

Find Your GovtFIT™

GovtFIT MazeOur GovtFIT™ process helps answer tough questions including:

• When should I begin planning for retirement?

• How much should I be saving for retirement?

• How should my TSP funds be allocated? What strategy is right for me?

• If I retire early, will I be OK? What is the right time to retire for me?

• Are the insurance benefits I get while working enough to protect me and my family?

• What benefits can I retain after retirement? And what choices would benefit me the most?

• Will I receive Social Security when I retire? If so, how can I maximize my Social Security benefits?

• Am I eligible for Voluntary Early Retirement?

• Will I run out of money in retirement?

• How can I protect my investments from market

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GovtFIT™ is led by:

Cathy C. MillerCATHY C. MILLER

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Cathy’s passion for helping others in their financial lives began when, at age 23, she lost her mother to a drunk driver. As she watched her father struggle to understand and take over the family finances while dealing with the loss of his life partner, she realized what a difference a financial advisor would have made in her family’s life. She dedicated herself to helping clients capitalize on the good times and deftly navigate the bad. She realizes life’s journey isn’t always a smooth one, but is committed to working hand in hand with her clients to make their life’s journey richer.

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Wealth Manager
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As a Wealth Manager with Atlanta Financial Associates, Charles’s client-centered focus and constant thirst for knowledge have produced a distinct combination of competence and compassion for the clients he serves. His expertise includes strategies that span the generations. He spends the majority of his time helping pre-retirees accumulate wealth, plan for retirement and their children’s education, and assisting retirees with tailored income strategies.

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