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May 6 was World Password Day

May 6 was World Password Day. Take Time this Month to Explore 6 Tools to Safely Store Your Passwords Online.

Cathy C. Miller, MBA, CFP®, CRPS®, CDFA™
May 10, 2021

How many times have you gotten a reminder to update your password before it expires? Or to make sure your password contains a capital letter, number and symbol? While inconvenient at times, these are some of the crucial steps that come with keeping your personal information safe.

Choosing a weak or overused password can make it fairly easy for a cybercriminal to steal your information. That’s why it’s important that you have a strong and unique password for every account. To make this possible, there are tools you can use to keep your information safe and secure – saving you the headache of remembering every password yourself.

Tool #1: LastPass
LastPass serves as a free, secure password creation center and storage for all of your accounts. They offer both a free and premium membership. Their premium membership offerings vary depending on use, but they start at $3 per month for individual users.1 This program can both generate and store multiple usernames and passwords in a secure vault. Your vault is protected by a master password and the program includes multi-factor authentication for added security.
The free version also offers secure storage for text notes, syncing of credentials across browsers and access to your secure vault from any internet-connected device via It will refuse to autocomplete forms on known phishing websites, and you can export your data at any time if you decide to switch to a different password manager.

Tool #2: Dashlane
Dashlane is an easy-to-use tool that features one-click password generation and the ability to store notes for the future.

You can use Dashlane on your desktop, through a browser plugin, and on your phone. Similar to LastPass, Dashlane offers a premium version with unlimited sharing and syncing.
Dashlane Premium costs $59.99 per year.2 Both the paid and free versions include features like:
• Core password manager
• Autofill
• Digital wallet

Tool #3: Keeper Security
Keeper Security offers services beyond password protection. These include password management, dark web scanning, and private messaging systems. Keeper’s main target audience is large companies and organizations, but it also offers plans for students, families, and individuals. Keeper Security starts at $34.99 annually for individuals and $45 annually per user for businesses.3

This intuitive program offers both desktop and mobile versions with features including:
• Strong security
• Browser extension option
• Multi-platform access

Tool #4: RoboForm
RoboForm can be used on a desktop or mobile device, and it’s designed to store important notes and login information. Even with the free version, users can store an unlimited amount of logins. This program boasts important features like application logins, secure storage of notes, multi-platform support, and the ability to gain emergency access.

RoboForm Everywhere allows you to sync across devices, provides cloud backup, and includes the ability to gain emergency access. While it may not have as many features as its competitors, it is still considered a top password manager and the free mobile app is an added bonus for when you’re on the go. RoboForm’s password generator is particularly strong, allowing you to exclude similar characters and specify which special characters you need to meet specific password requirements. Roboform starts at $29.95 per year per user for businesses.4

Tool #5: NordPass Free
NordPass Free is the free version of password manager NordPass. It is as secure as the premium version, but it does not include several of NordPass’s additional cybersecurity features.

With the free app, you can:
• Save unlimited passwords
• Keep notes and credit cards
• Sync across all devices

You can upgrade to NordPass Premium starting at $2.49 per month. The premium version allows you to save passwords with just one click and log in automatically.5

Tool #6: LogMeOnce
LogMeOnce is a useful app with important features like:
• Unlimited passwords and autofill
• Use on unlimited devices and sync
• Technical support via email

You can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription, with options starting at $2.50 per month.6 With LogMeOnce, your passwords, files, and images are encrypted and only you can access your data.

Regardless of what password security tool you decide to use, it’s important to keep your passwords as secure as possible. With all the different accounts you log into on a day-to-day basis, storing multiple passwords in these applications can make it much more manageable, helping you to log into multiple accounts securely and with ease.




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