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Rick Henderson Provides Expert Insight to the Media

March 21, 2018

Our own Rick Henderson, CPA, CFP®, AIF®, has provided his expert advice in a handful of publications recently. In an interview with NBC News BETTER, Rick shared tips to avoid tax fraud this season. His number one suggestion of filing early was picked up by a writer for Inc. in an article on beating scammers:

“Filing early lowers the chance that someone can get in front of you, which is essentially how fraudsters work,” Rick Henderson, principal at Atlanta Financial Associates, told NBC News. “Because what they do is file a fake tax return on the chance that they’re doing so before you. The faster you file, the less chance someone can try to get ahead of you.” came back to Rick for input on an article about how the new tax law may impact people’s paychecks. He was quoted alongside Jean Chatsky, NBC News financial editor:

“So many people get into debt because they have no cash reserves and can’t absorb the smallest emergency like their water heater going out,” says Rick Henderson, principal at Atlanta Financial Associates. “If you have any debt, pay it and then build up an emergency fund.”

The article went on to say that Rick also strongly recommends adding more to your 401(k) along with any other retirement plans, as he sees far too many taxpayers skimping in this area.

Great job, Rick!

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We Welcome Connolly Crowley with Lots of Love!

We are excited to announce Connolly Elizabeth Crowley, daughter of Charles and Erin Crowley, was born on June 21, 2019! Weighing in at 7lbs.,15oz., Connolly makes Charles and Erin the parents of two beautiful children; Connolly is Charles and Erin’s second child…

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Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) Right for Me?

At AFA, we hear our clients express concerns about two financial challenges more often than any others:
• Will I be ready to retire with the lifestyle I want?
• What can I do to protect myself from rising health care costs now and in the future?

Did you realize there is a single vehicle that can help you make progress in both areas? It’s called a health savings account (HSA), which is a government-regulated savings account that combines many of the tax benefits of a Flexible Spending Account and a 401(k), including:
• Your contributions to the plan are pre-tax (if offered through your employer) or tax-deductible (if established on your own). If funded through your employer’s plan, you also don’t pay FICA on the contributions, putting an extra 7.65% back in your pocket.
• Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free (more about that below).
• The balance in your plan (that you don’t spend for medical expenses) grows tax-deferred and can be rolled over from year to year, supplementing other retirement savings.

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Understanding (and Avoiding) Lifestyle Creep

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of research and studies claim that increases in income don’t correspond to increases in happiness. One such survey, using data from the Gallup World Poll, found that the optimal household income for emotional well being was between $60,000 and $75,000 per year. The research shows that beyond that threshold, the correlation between income and happiness flattens pretty dramatically. For many Americans – especially young professionals just getting started in their careers – this may seem like a bogus finding, but by going beyond the headlines we learn that a common reason for that drop-off in financial satisfaction is lifestyle creep.

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